Wholesale distribution of stabilized
greenery and flowers

The beauty of fresh flowers but much more durable. The advantage offered by stabilized greenery and flowers is that, thanks to a particular process, they maintain their characteristics over time. Through stabilization, in fact, the plant sap is replaced with substances that stop their aging and make them last for a long time.

Thanks to contacts with trusted partners, our company specializes in wholesale distribution of stabilized greenery and flowers, with an extensive catalog of high-quality products which are ideal for every requirement.

Wholesale stabilized greenery and flowers: beauty and practicality

It is not only their durability that makes stabilized products so requested in the market. In addition to preserving their aesthetic characteristics for a long time, arrangements and decorations with stabilized branches, foliage and flowers do not require particular maintenance, needing neither sunlight nor watering.

In addition to being durable, therefore, stabilized greenery and flowers are also very practical and ideal for splendid arrangements, interior decorations, handcrafted creations, and furnishing complements with a natural effect but very easy to manage.

Stabilized greenery and flowers: the characteristics

100% natural

Stabilized greenery and flowers are 100% natural products. They retain their characteristics over time, thanks to a process of rehydration by absorption or immersion with which the sap inside them is eliminated and replaced with glycerin and other preservative products.



Before being subjected to the stabilization process, branches, leaves and flowers are harvested at the moment of maximum splendor of their life cycle, so that they maintain this characteristic for a long time. And they move to stabilization only after careful selection.


Stabilized items are also available in bleached version. As for stabilization, it is a process by immersion that replaces the natural color and makes branches, leaves and flowers completely white, ideal for refined and elegant creations.

We are able to satisfy every request for wholesale purchase of stabilized greenery and flowers with trucking or air transportation–at your choice–we deliver to every location in the United States, with fast shipments that maintain unaltered quality of the products.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to offer you personalized assistance.