All the beauty of Italian flowers

DP Flowers is a reference point in the import and export of ornamental flowers and greenery between Italy and the United States under the banner of respect for the environment.

About us

We are a company specialized in the wholesale distribution of ornamental flowers and greenery. All activity takes place between two locations: the one in Italy, in Liguria, where we also extend our own fields, and the one in Florida, in the United States, where the offices that coordinate operations are located.

Although the business has grown over the years, we have managed to keep up with the time by remaining a family-run business, true to our roots and choices. Such as respecting the environment and protecting pollinating insects: it is no coincidence that our slogan is “Help to save the bees”.

Our products

We have an assortment of more than 250 products in our catalog, including fresh, dried and stabilized ornamental flowers and greenery.

Our choices

From the very beginning of our activity we have made choices that still characterize our work today.

High-quality products

We carry out strict controls on goods to ensure that they are of the highest quality for our customers

Attention to the environment

In cultivation we use only non-toxic pesticides, in distribution we use recycled materials and little plastic

Selected cultivators

We rely only on selected suppliers who guarantee products in line with our high-quality standards

Speed in deliveries

We make punctual and fast deliveries throughout the United States that maintain the unaltered quality of the goods

From the blog

In our blog you will find information, curiosities, suggestions for use to make each of your compositions a masterpiece