Wholesale distribution of cut flowers

How many things can you say with a fresh flower? Our company specializes in the wholesale distribution of fresh cut flowers from Italy, thanks to our direct contacts on the territory of the beautiful country.

Our wholesale cut flowers are largely sourced from selected growers in Liguria, the Italian region for excellent flowers and our homeland (link to about us), and this allows us to guarantee a product of the highest quality.

Wholesale cut flowers for every occasion

Whether you are looking for ranunculus, peonies, broom… we have the ideal product to bring the beauty and elegance of Italian flowers to your arrangements. We have more than 20 types of fresh cut flowers suitable for every particular occasion: weddings, anniversaries, flower arrangements for indoor and outdoor decor. Of course, in addition to products from Italy, depending on the seasons, we have a wide selection of flowers that we import from selected floricultural companies from other countries of the world as well: France, Spain, Holland, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Israel.

The characteristics of our wholesale cut flowers

High Quality

We cater exclusively to trusted growers who guarantee us products with an Extra quality standard. We carefully select the floricultural companies with which we work all around the world to ensure that the products supplied have the quality characteristics required by our customers.


Maximum freshness and durability

Through collaborations with the best companies in the logistics sector and fast shipments, we make sure that the flowers reach our headquarters in Miami as quickly as possible from the countries of origin. This allows us to ensure our customers the maximum freshness and durability of our products.

Respect for seasonality

We go along with the seasonality of flowers, so some types of products are not always available. This choice we make is an additional guarantee of the quality of our fresh flowers because we make sure to follow the natural cycle of the product which is about 3 months and its specific seasonality.

We are able to satisfy every request for wholesale purchase of cut flowers with trucking or air transportation–at your choice–we deliver to every location in the United States, with fast shipments that maintain unaltered quality and freshness of the products.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to offer you personalized assistance.