A passion for Italian flowers
without borders

We are an Italian family business that has valued its roots and has become one of the most established realities in Florida (United States) in the export and import of ornamental flowers and greenery.

In the last year we have fulfilled almost 7 thousand orders and satisfied over 400 customers throughout the American territory.

We have won the trust of an increasing number of customers thanks to the choices we have made since the beginning of our activity:

High-quality products

We carry out strict controls on goods to ensure that they are of the highest quality for our customers

Attention to the environment

In cultivation we use only non-toxic pesticides, in distribution we use recycled materials and little plastic

Selected cultivators

We rely only on selected suppliers who guarantee products in line with our high-quality standards

Speed in deliveries

We make punctual and fast deliveries throughout the United States that maintain the unaltered quality of the goods

This has allowed us over the years to grow and expand our business to become what DP Flowers is today, a reference name in the distribution of cut, dried and stabilized flowers and greenery, appreciated for its seriousness and reliability.

Our story: from Liguria to the USA

The roots of our company specialized in import/ export of flowers and greenery are in Italy and precisely in Liguria in the province of Imperia and, in particular, in Sanremo, the city of flowers for excellence.
Our land is located in Beuzi, a town on the heights of Sanremo in the province of Imperia, and extends for about 8 acres. Here, in a fertile and sun-kissed place, the Italian Ruscus, our flagship product, is born and grows.
We have been dedicated to these lands since the 1970s when they became our family’s property and we started cultivation and marketing. Over time the activity has grown and it was also necessary to expand the production: so we took over other abandoned fields in Sanremo and we put them back into productivity.
Since 2012, in order to meet even more the needs of our customers in America, we decided to move to the United States and precisely in Miami, Florida where in 2017 we established the company DP Flowers.

About us: an Italian-American heart

We were born as flower and plant growers in Italy, where “half” of our company operates. Our countryside, and those of our trusted suppliers, are located in Liguria, one of the most renowned Italian regions in the floricultural sector. More than 20 people are in charge of collecting, choosing, preparing, packing and shipping our items.

Once arrived on the American territory, the other “half” of our company, about a dozen people, devote themselves to customs and quality control, repacking products, receiving and processing orders.

un cuore italo americano

In fact, our sales process follows well-defined steps:

Arrival at Miami airport
Passing the USDA inspection
Product quality control
Uploading products to the sales platform
Order processing
Shipping and delivery of purchased products

Our love for nature

We care about respecting nature and the environment, and it is no coincidence that our slogan is “Help to save the bees”.”. We have organized our supply chain by making ecological choices:

  • In cultivation we use only approved and non-toxic pesticides for all living organisms and in particular for pollinating insects.
  • At the distribution stage, we try to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible and use recycled material for packaging.
  • Every year we donate to associations that protect bees, such as “Help save the bees foundation” in Nevada.

Some numbers

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