Wholesale distribution of cut ornamental greenery

In the compositions of fresh flowers, a touch of green cannot be missing. Our company specializes in the wholesale distribution of cut ornamental greenery, namely foliage, stems, branches and fronds to be used to embellish and complete floral arrangements, event creations and decorations for environment.

Thanks to the close cooperation with selected partners, we are able to offer fresh, high-quality and aesthetically perfect leaf plants.

Different types of ornamental cut greenery

Depending on the seasons, our assortment has over 20 different types of ornamental leaf plants.We particularly specialize in the distribution of Ruscus italianodi prima qualità, che proviene direttamente dalle coltivazioni di nostra proprietà in Liguria.

In addition to Ruscus, which represents our leading product, we have availabilities of several varieties of evergreen plants such as Silver queen variegated Pittosporum, Grevillea, Ruscus Garden, and many types of eucalyptus such as Cinerea, Baby Blue, Gunnii, Parvifoglia, Populus Medaglia and Populus Granite.

The characteristics of our ornamental cut greenery

Superior quality

We carefully select the plants to offer you, thanks to agreements with trusted partners that guarantee us, depending on the season, the best products available. In this way we are able to offer
superior-quality, fresh
and long-lasting plants.

Wide choice

Depending on your needs, you can choose different types of ideal ornamental greeneries as fillers in floral compositions and decorations. Our assortment includes varieties of plants in high demand and others more niche to satisfy every requirement.

Product seasonality

We ensure to respect the natural life cycle of the plants and their seasonality. This is the reason why at certain moments of the year some particular products may not be available and we may offer you equally valid alternatives.

We are able to satisfy every request for wholesale purchase of ornamental greenery with trucking or air transportation–at your choice–we deliver to every location in the United States, with fast shipments that maintain unaltered quality and freshness of the products.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to offer you personalized assistance.