Wholesale distribution of dried
greenery and flowers

For set-ups, decorations and arrangements that are scenic, sustainable and, above all, long-lasting, using greenery and dried flowers is certainly the right solution. In fact, dried flowers, foliage and branches guarantee the same results in terms of beauty, elegance and creativity as fresh products and are increasingly requested products by the market.

Our company specializes in the wholesale distribution of top-quality dried greenery and flowers, and we are able to offer you a wide range of items to satisfy the requirements of your clients.

Wholesale dried greenery and flowers: a timeless choice

Using dried greenery and flowers means making a far-sighted choice, to enjoy your floral creations over time. If properly maintained, in fact, the compositions with dried greenery and flowers can maintain their beauty and integrity for a long time, thanks to a process that eliminates water from their interior and preserves their original shape and colors.

Also ideal as a complement in arrangements with cut flowers, we have more than 50 items in our catalog: from delicate Nigella to Pampas and Lagurus with their characteristic feathers; from tiny Poppy pods to big Cotton Flowers; from Ruscus to Palm Fiber.

Dried greenery and flowers: the characteristics

Long duration

Dried greenery and flowers have the advantage of preserving their characteristics over time as long as they are properly maintained. Therefore, it is important to place them away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place, and handle them delicately.


Dried flowers and greenery are versatile and fashionable products that add a touch of natural and lasting elegance in different contexts: interior and exterior decorations, installations for events, furnishing complements, handcrafted creations and designs.

Wide assortment

We have a wide selection of products to satisfy every need. Our ornamental greenery and our dried flowers are also available in bleached version and/or colored versions in different
chromatic variants
(also on request ).

We are able to satisfy every request for wholesale purchase of dried greenery and flowers with trucking or air transportation–at your choice–we deliver to every location in the United States, with fast shipments that maintain unaltered quality and freshness of the products.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to offer you personalized assistance.