Peach Fuzz flowers and plants, the Pantone color 2024

It is Peach Fuzz the Pantone color for 2024: a delicate and soft peachy pink just like the fluff of the fruit (fuzz). A shade that symbolizes the desire for peace, kindness and empathy and is so versatile to adapt to a variety of occasions.

“Seeking a hue that echoes our innate desire for closeness and connection, we chose a color that radiates warmth and modern elegance. A hue that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace and effortlessly blends youthfulness with timelessness.” ”.

This is how the company justified the choice of Peach Fuzz as the color of the year. A hue that, in flowers and plants, lends itself well to interior decoration and at special events.

Let’s see together, then, what occasions are ideal for this shade and what natural elements stand out most in this richly elegant shade.

Floral decorations in Peach Fuzz for events

The color Peach Fuzz is suitable for creating events dense with warmth, welcome and romance. Here, then, this pink becomes ideal at weddings, in bouquets and floral decorations for tables and rooms, conveying a feeling of coziness and delicacy on a special day.

But it is also a perfect shade for design and fashion events, creating new, unexpected and trendy color plays. In addition, Peach Fuzz is perfect for cultural or artistic events, precisely because it was selected by Pantone for its ability to enrich mind and body and to emphasize the importance of connection between people.

And why not also use it to celebrate natural beauty? In fact, peach enhances the sweetness of nature and encourages us to reconnect with it.

Which colors to match?

The versatility of Peach Fuzz lends itself well to creating refined floral arrangements and decorations that make any space cozy and even brighter. The colors to match are diverse and range from tone on tone, to contrasting colors:

  • Neutral colors: beige, taupe and wood to enhance the sense of relaxation;
  • Different shades of pink: from antique pink, to salmon for all the confidence of a delicate palette that always astonishes;
  • Sugar paper celestial or jade green: two cool pastel colors that match Peach perfectly, preserving its gentle character;
  • Yellow: from lemon yellow to golden yellow, this combination gives even more light to rooms, even when lighting is poor;
  • Magenta and eggplant purple: two bright colors that may seem risky, but actually create a really sparkling and creative effect;
  • Black: black and charcoal gray also create an elegant and sophisticated context when combined with peach;
  • Warm shades of brown: colors such as leather, brandy, caramel and rust blend well with peach, resulting in a warm and bold feeingl.

Dried and preserved plants: the perfect Peach Fuzz!

In nature we can find several flowers whose hue approaches Peach Fuzz, and among them roses and tulips are varieties with many shades similar to peach. How to do it, however, if you want exactly the Peach Fuzz? Simple, just opt for preserved or dried flowers and plants that can be recolored as you prefer.

In our shop we have several options in Peach Fuzz for creating original bouquets and floral decorations. Here, then, are some of our products available in this soft shade:

  • Hydrangea: among the most popular ornamental plants, its flowers are beautiful both in vases alone and in rich arrangements;
  • Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue: a long-limbed plant with small round leaves, which is used to give impetus to artistic flower arrangements;
  • Ming fern: a shrub with rich branches of thin needle-shaped leaves, which is used in floral decorations as a filler and to add a touch of charm and mystery;
  • Eucalyptus silver dollar pink: with its slender branches contrasting with its round coin-like leaves, it is perfect both alone in vase and in brides’ bouquets;
  • Stone Grass: the slender, bushy stems of this shrub make it suitable for filling out floral decorations and transforming them into enchantment;
  • Thistle light pink: preservation treatment softens the thorns of this scenic plant, making it even more suitable for bouquets.

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